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Dr. Clyde Bailey

Dr. Clyde Bailey

Cooper City Church of God, Executive Pastor


THE DAY WOMEN TOOK OVER is a song written by the hip-hop artist, Common. This is a song that celebrates the prowess, the expertise, the talent, the contribution of women to the real world. ViznMedia Creative Group is the emergence of a dynamic and innovative entity, the brainchild of Daisy Viruet-Allen and an all-female team of women who are collaborating to bring excellence to the world by offering digital solutions to those who want dreams to become reality. I have seen the craft of Daisy and marvel at the brilliant and eloquent style of her work in graphic design and website development. Anyone can be trained in the field of their choice but with Daisy she merges training, experience and that elusive component of creativity to transform ideas, dreams and narrative into a tapestry of sheer beauty, that says exactly what is needed. These women are taking over and what they bring to the table is a radical paradigm shift in this technological environment. You are assured that they will serve you and your objectives well, because they are not just skilled: they are skilled and powerful women. Welcome to ViznMedia Creative Group.


Daisy Viruet-Allen is a master of social media , web design, and web marketing. Her genius immediately became apparent as she transformed my lackluster political website, containing social media advertising, content streaming, and interactive information and graphics, into a comprehensive, exciting and engaging community based platform. Her thoughtful touches, insightful recommendations and artistic genius was completely transformative of my campaign, web presence and consumer feedback and support. I unreservedly recommend Daisy’s graphic and web team for the most challenging tasks and the most discriminating consumer. Daisy-Viruet Allen is first class.

Norman Hemming, III

Candidate for Miramar Commission, Seat 1

Víctor and Ada Pagán

Vida Foundation, Founder & President


As a minister of the gospel, I like to do business with people who exhibit the virtues of a Christian character. But I also want to make sure the person involved is knowledgeable of the the trade he or she is practicing.

Such a person is Daisy Viruet-Allen. She has the expertise and experience to assist you in designing the web page you need.